Past Theses

pair-prod-smallThese are examples of doctorate theses that were carried out at IPFN during the past five years:



  • Baião, Diana: Development of a SXR multichannel electron temperature diagnostic for high-density plasmas in TJ-II
  • Borges, J.: Optimizing the deposition process of metal oxynitrides by magnetron reactive sputtering
  • Bragança, I.M.F.: Experimental analysis of the micro-EDM process
  • Figueiredo, J.: Pellets Physics Studies using Thomson Scattering on MAST
  • Lemos, Nuno: Ionization effects in laser plasma interactions


  • Neto, André Cabrita: The JET Vertical Stabilisation Controller Framework
  • Pereira, Rita: Instrumentation based on ATCA, for Gamma-ray Digital Spectroscopy Diagnostics
  • Terças, Hugo: Dynamics and collective behaviour of ultracold matter


  • Abreu, Paulo: Multiscale high-performance computing in Plasma Physics: fine and coarse parallelism in simulation and visualization
  • Bastos, Catarina: Phase-Space Noncommutativity: Formalism and Applications
  • Batista, A.: Sistema ATCA de Controlo em Tempo Real de Tokamaks com Descargas de Longa Duração
  • Carvalho, P.: Tomography algorithms for real-time control in ISTTOK
  • Gregório, J.: Study of micro-plasma created by microwaves at atmospheric pressure) microwave micro-plasmas
  • Sousa, João Santos: Micro-plasma generation of high fluxes of singlet delta oxygen at atmospheric pressure for biomedical applications
  • Vieira, Jorge: Numerical and analytical modeling of stable plasma based acceleration regimes
  • Zarro, C.: On the stability and equilibrium of astrophysical objects and fields


  • Baião, Diana: Preliminary studies to implement a new electron temperature diagnostic for the TJ-II plasmas heated with energetic neutral beams”
  • Dias, Sérgio: Controlo dinâmico com CANBUS de fresadora CNC para objectos alares de grandes dimensões
  • Gama, J.: Nonlinear growth of Neoclassical Tearing modes in a Tokamak Plasma
  • Gargaté, Luís: Hybrid Simulations and Theory of Artificial Magnetospheres and Particle Acceleration in Laboratory and Space Plasmas
  • Wemans, João: Ytterbium-doped laser materials pumped by diodes


  • Santos, J.: Fast reconstruction of reflectometry density profiles on ASDEX Upgrade for plasma position feedback purposes


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