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André Lopes

André is 24 years old and he has joined APPLAuSE this year after finishing his MSc in Engineering Physics at IST. He has been dedicated to Plasma Physics in the last couple of years, successfully concluding his MSc thesis on the topic of radiation tension in nonlinear plasma metamaterials at IPFN’s Group for Lasers and Plasmas.

During the last year he has been lecturing basic physics for IST undergraduates. This is something that he is passionate about and that he definitely wishes to pursue in his future career. André also tries to spend some time doing volunteering work.

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Doménica Corona

A Mexican national, Doménica received her diploma degree in Electric and Electronic Engineering at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in 2014. She specialized in control engineering and robotics with a thesis work called “Position control of the plasma column in a circular cross-section Tokamak”.

She started working while an undergraduate, having spent two years as a Field Services Engineer at the industrial sector in Siemens Mexico in the area of automation systems and SCADA’s.

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Egor Seliunin

Egor studied at St. Petersburg’s State Polytechnical University, Russia, where he obtained his first MSc degree in Plasma Physics in 2013 while working with the reflectometry group at the FT-2 tokamak. The goal of his thesis was to investigate the interaction between microwave turbulence with GAM in plasmas by using bicoherence analysis.

In order to broaden his knowledge he took part in the Erasmus Mundus Fusion EP programme from 2013 to 2015, where he obtained his second MSc degree in Engineering Physics and Nuclear Fusion, at Universitat Stuttgart and CIEMAT University (Madrid). His research was focused on studies of suprathermal ions in the TJ-II stellarator using spectroscopical methods. During this programme he also had a chance to work at IPP in Prague and CEA in Cadarache.

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Fábio Cruz

Fábio was born in 1992 in Lisbon, Portugal. He obtained his MSc degree in Engineering Physics in 2015 from IST, under the supervision of Dr. Paulo Alves and Prof. Luís O. Silva. In his thesis project, developed at IPFN’s Group for Lasers and Plasmas, he performed large-scale particle-in-cell simulations of magnetized plasma flows interacting with small-scale, magnetic obstacles under astrophysical and laboratory conditions. Understanding the role of the kinetic-scale physics investigated in his work was important, for instance, in the design of laboratory astrophysics experiments to study particle acceleration due to lower-hybrid turbulence developed at planetary/cometary bow shocks.

As an undergraduate student, he was a member of Pulsar, a Portuguese science communication magazine nationally distributed. He has also organized several science/physics fairs at IST, visited annually by more than a thousand high school students. During his graduation years he also worked as an assistant lecturer at IST, where he taught problem solving classes and laboratory classes on Classical Mechanics. In his free time, Fábio enjoys playing sports and exploring his creativity in graphic and web design.

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Fabrizio Del Gaudio

Fabrizio studied Energy and Nuclear Engineer at Politecnico di Torino, Italy. He obtained his master degree in 2015 with a thesis work on electron positron beams collision, in particular on disruption effect, hard photon emission and pair production. This topic has been developed at IST at IPFN’s Group for Lasers and Plasmas.

He joined APPLAuSE following a passion for physics that comes from his childhood. His scientific education was originally oriented to technological problems associated to applied physics in Energy and Nuclear related topics, namely the design and project of energy related systems. More recently his interests shifted towards theoretical plasma physics. He is also interested in quantum electrodynamics, quantum physics, general relativity and plasma physics related to astrophysics.

Fabrizio gave private lessons to high school students, with whom he learnt how to explain concepts in a simple manner and to be patient. He enjoys sports, chess, guitar and photography.

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João Vargas (Delegate)

João studied Physics Engineering at IST finishing his MSc in 2015 with the thesis titled “Improvement of state-resolved kinetic models applied to N2-CH4 hypersonic entry flows”.

In the past, João has participated in the activities of the Physics Students Board of IST, first as a volunteer, later as Vice-President and now as a member of the Fiscal and Disciplinary Board of this organization. A space exploration enthusiast, he is focused in modelling on aerothermodynamics and hopes one day to go to space.

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Luís Gil

Luís has an MSc degree in Engineering Physics from IST with a thesis on nuclear fusion titled “Investigation of the effect of divertor geometry on the L-H transition using reflectometry diagnostics”. Before the start of APPLAuSE he participated in the experimental campaigns of the Joint European Torus to study instabilities in fusion plasmas.

His interest in plasmas and nuclear fusion started from concerns about energy sustainability and climate change. This interest grew stronger after his first course in plasma physics at the Polytechnic University of Milan during the Erasmus Programme. It was strengthened with further courses at IST and eventually led him to work at IPFN from the MSc thesis onwards.

Besides science, he loves sports and pursues a healthy lifestyle, practicing ultimate frisbee and weightlifting. He also enjoys music and has been playing the electric guitar since he was ten years old.

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Mario Galletti

Mario has a Master Degree in Physics from the University of Pisa. He is passionate about laser science, laser-plasma interaction, laser-matter interaction, ultrafast optics, ultrafast and high-power laser science, and nonlinear optics.

He has lived in different European cities for his studies. In his free time, Mario enjoys travelling, playing musical instruments (specially the guitar), playing football, watching movies, working with computers and reading books.

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Pedro Deus Lourenço

Pedro obtained his MSc Degree in Physics Engineering in 2015 from IST.

During the master thesis and afterwards he worked at IPFN as a research fellow, where he developed a control and data acquisition system for a beam-plasma interaction device. Besides gaining experience in these fields, he developed a special interest in radiofrequency-based diagnostics and wave propagation inside plasmas. It became clear that these fields would therefore shape his future research career.

Pedro was an active member of the Physics Students Board (NFIST) since 2010, first as Treasurer in the same year and later as member of the Fiscal and Disciplinary Board in 2013.

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Polina Ogloblina

Polina comes from Ukraine, where she received her BSc and MSc degree in applied physics from Kharkiv National University. Since her childhood she has been fascinated with science. At the university she chose plasma physics because of its wide spectrum of applications.

During her studies, she participated in summer schools and conferences, took part in organizing science festivals, and was a teacher at outreach interactive educational lectures. She also worked as a tutor of physics and mathematics for high-school students.

Polina has a strong interest in low-temperature plasmas but she is keen to learn more and become involved in the latest advances in plasma physics research.

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