Practical information

What is the language used in the PhD program?

7198553002_7afbf97ffc_zThe official language of APPLAuSE is English. That includes all the assignments, reports, etc and the final thesis document. However, for the purpose of a better integration and a fuller experience of living in Portugal, you will be encouraged to learn Portuguese during the first year.

What is the amount of the grant and what does it cover?

The grant component follows the rules of FCT, which you should read for a detailed description of applicable conditions. In summary, it includes:

  • A monthly allowance whose current amount is 980 euro.
  • A pre-established allowance for registration with the PhD degree at IST/Univ. Lisbon.
  • Social security insurance (optional)
  • Personal accident insurance



How do I start an application?

Go to the online Admissions Platform of IST and provide your email address. You will receive a message with a link to confirm your address. That link will take you to a form where you should provide your personal data. Press submit in order to confirm your application. Note that submitting this form means that you have started an application, not that you have concluded it.

I’m having trouble with the application form e.g. I can’t see the english version.

Please try using a different browser; the form should be trouble-free in Chrome or Firefox.

How can I edit my application after I have started it? 

Use the same web address that you received on the confirmation email – it will take you directly to your application form.

I have filled the form with my personal data but I can’t save it, what is the problem?

Check carefully all the fields. You probably missed a mandatory field.

Where is the button for adding the recommendation letters to my application?

The button for adding the names and contacts of your references is only enabled after you provide your personal details, so make sure that you have done this correctly.

I can’t find the submission button, how do I know whether my application has been successfully received?

Please note that there is no submission button: your application remains editable up to the deadline. After the deadline it will be locked, together with any submitted documents, and you will not be able to make any further changes. We keep track of all ongoing applications, so please contact us in case you have any questions – before the deadline.

I haven’t finished my undergraduate degree yet – am I eligible for APPLAuSE?

Even if you haven’t yet obtained your undergraduate degree (MSc or equivalent) by the closing date of the call you may still be eligible, as long as you state that it will be awarded by October 30, 2015 the latest. In case you are selected, you must send the corresponding diploma to the APPLAuSE office before this date.

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