About IPFN

4595217923_1e4ec9d85b_zInstituto de Plasmas e Fusão Nuclear (IPFN) is an Associate Laboratory of FCT and the Portuguese research unit managing the EUROFusion Contract. IPFN staff includes about 80 PhD researchers working on cutting-edge fields of Plasma Science and Engineering, Controlled Nuclear Fusion, Lasers and Photonics and Advanced Computing. IPFN was awarded the top classification – Exceptional – in the latest FCT Evaluation of Portuguese research units.

Fostering scientific and technological excellence in an international context, IPFN provides a unique setting for world-class research, technological transfer, and advanced training. IPFN promotes a culture of ambition and leadership, in a permanent pursuit of the most far-reaching and intellectually demanding scientific and technological problems, attracting the best talents in its area to work in an exciting environment, strongly networked with other world-leading institutions.

Our expertise allows us to have an important participation in landmark EU large-scale research projects (such as ITER, HiPER and ELI) through the collaboration in the scientific and technical activities of these projects, and the active presence on their governing boards.


IPFN at a glance: 2016 Edition Opening Session Slides

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